How to Make a Blog

Starting a blog is an excellent way to share your knowledge with the world, interact with other people, and of course earn some decent cash in the process. Some folks actually earn a full-time living just from blogging… Yes, you read that correctly – you can make money blogging! If you want to share useful content with your readers and provide information that truly improves the quality of peoples’ lives, starting a blog is an excellent way to do it. Here’s a quick guide on how to make a blog.

Tips for Getting Started – How to Make a Blog

Figuring out your “why” for starting a blog
First, determine why you’re starting a blog to begin with. Many bloggers find that blogging helps you think more clearly and communicate better. You will also improve your proficiency as a writer and get your voice out there. You can build a great audience and publish your work directly to your following. No more middle man required. Of course, starting a blog for monetary perks is another reason that’s popular among many bloggers. Once you’re able to learn how to make a blog you can begin promoting it, driving traffic, and ultimately making money. Blogging can be extremely lucrative if you do it right!

Picking a topic and theme
Next, you need to pick a topic for your blog. What will be your theme, or niche? Ideally it should be something you really love and feel passionate about. If you are passionate about your blog topic, other readers will pick up on that and share your enthusiasm. This will help you build a responsive audience.

You might love fashion, technology, leadership, relationship issues, or fiction writing. You might be a fan of sports or bodybuilding. Whatever your interests, there are people out there who are hungry to know more — and it’s your job to deliver the best information to them.

Choosing a domain name and web host
The next step is picking your platform and choosing good domain names and hosting. To make a blog, simply register a domain name with either one of the domain registrars we trust, GoDaddy or NameCheap. Then, be sure to get web hosting from services such as Hostgator, or Bluehost. Having a professional webhost like Hostgator will allow you to present an authoritative, content-rich site to your audience.

This is definitely important if you plan to start your blog for business purposes since you can choose from various themes and designs — and it will be fully under your control, unlike with Blogger or WordPress.

Creating content for your blog
Creating great content for your blog is critical; that’s the whole reason your visitors come, after all! You have two choices when it comes to content creation: write it yourself or have someone do it for you. If you’re an expert writer and have enough time to create the content yourself, go for it. If you aren’t the best writer or you simply need to save the time by outsourcing content creation to someone else, you can use a number of different services on the web.

If you’re creating a blog on a topic you are less familiar with, or simply don’t want to bother with writing the content yourself, it’s best to hire a writer to come up with good articles for you. For finding content for your blog, simply hire a great writer on services such as or Elance and Fiverr. Outsourcing your content creation is an excellent way to quickly build up a niche blog that has plenty of informative articles, videos, and infographics that your readers will find helpful.

Bloggers often have category lists and Top 10 Tips sections within the navigation pane that helps readers find what they’re looking for. Try to create posts that have a lot of useful information, and your blog will rank higher in the search engines as more people will visit it. When you want to know how to make a blog, finding good writers you can build a relationship with is an excellent method for long-term content creation.

Getting your blog out there to readers
The next thing you’ll need to do is build readership for your blog. Social media is an excellent way to do this. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are excellent methods for building an audience. You can post out to social media to alert your followers that you’ve created a new video or post that has tons of rich content teaching them how to do something, or the top 10 tips on your niche. Just remember to keep adding as much value as possible in each post.

Hint: if you need to know what your audience wants to read, just ask them! That’s the best way to find out what you should write about next.

A powerful way to build community and knowledge
Starting a blog these days is much easier than it was a few years ago, when you needed to be a master of HTML and CSS. All you need is a passion for a specific topic, the willingness to find and create great content, and the drive to interact with your audience.

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