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One of our favorite ways of coaching individuals to make money from home is to teach them how to make their own blogs. What we love about blogging is that there is so much upside potential, and almost zero risk. With the emergence of popular platforms, anyone can start a blog and begin to make money blogging.

How to Make Money Bloggingblogger

When you’re looking for an answer to something, what do you typically do? You either:

  • Ask a friend, loved one
  • Look it up online

The facts are, there are billions of people on the Internet on a daily basis, all seeking some type of information. If they are on Facebook, they’re looking to see what their friends are doing. Someone on ESPN is looking up information related to sports… See what we mean? The Internet simply connects people to information. The way to make money blogging is to connect people with information that they’re looking for!

Blogs: Connecting People to Information

In order to connect people to information, you have to know what they are looking for in the first place. Without getting into the “nitty gritty” like showing you tools that can be used, we’re going to stay on a high-level for this discussion. We’ll discuss tools in a later post.

Think about what type of things that people might want information on, with a just a few examples under each general category:

  • How-To topics:
    • How to Learn Spanish
    • How to Fix a Flat Tire
    • How to ___?
  • What-Is topics:
    • What is veganism?
    • What is CrossFit?
    • What is ___?
  • Product-related topics:
    • Best baby strollers
    • Baby stroller reviews
    • Top 10 baby strollers of the year
    • Best baby stroller for joggers

We’ve BARELY scratched the surface with these three categories. Let’s use the Product-related topics category to show you a tangible example of how you can start to make money blogging with this simple idea…

Make Money Blogging About Baby Strollers

  1. Launch your blog: Register your domain, set up your hosting, install WordPress. We take care of this for our coaching clients, but it can be learned quickly and easily. We’ll cover this on a later topic.
  2. Write: The goal with a blog is to write about your topic. Here we’re discussing Baby Strollers… Start doing your research. Look up the top Baby Strollers online. See which ones are hot on Amazon. Look to see what kinds of strollers are selling in large numbers. Check to see what has the best reviews. Once you know this information, you can start putting together your blog posts. Pick the three top Baby Strollers, write an article a few hundred words in length that provides great value to your reader on each of those, and there you go… You have content for the week!
  3. Sign up for Affiliate Programs: Start out with Amazon Associates. You’ll receive 4% (or higher) on all purchases that visitors make when they click on your product links. (We will discuss affiliate programs in-depth in a future post)
  4. Publish your posts: Try to blog at least once a day, at minimum a few times a week. In order to get web traffic (which we will discuss in-depth in a future post) you need to have visibility.
  5. Tell people about your posts: This is where Social Media can bring you lots of inexpensive (FREE) visits to your blog. Tweet the link out to your followers. Not on Twitter? Start an account right away! There are thousands of people who you can reach out to on there. Start a Facebook page for your blog, get your friends to follow it by “liking” your page, and ask them to share your blog with Mom’s that they know. Are you starting to follow how this works?
  6. Repeat!

Alright, so now that you’ve seen all these steps, you’re probably wondering “Where’s the cash?” Let’s show you a quick example of how this actually helps you to make money blogging.

  • You write a post reviewing the “BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller
  • You publish the post, sharing it on Social Media, letting search engines like Google and Bing find your review.
  • A visitor comes to your site, likes what you’ve said about this stroller, and clicks your link to see more information about the stroller on Amazon.
  • The visitor buys the stroller (which sells for $517.49, by the way).
  • Since they clicked your link to buy the stroller, you earn a 4.0% commission on the purchase: $20.69. (Not bad!)
  • The more visitors you get, the more potential sales you can generate. See how it works?
  • If you had 10 people buy that ONE stroller, you’d earn over $206 for that single post. Now, do you understand how we are earning thousands of dollars monthly with a single website?

It is simple to do. We didn’t say it’s easy. It takes time, effort, and work… But it DOES work! All you have to do is WORK.

If this doesn’t get you excited about the possibilities available for you, I don’t know what will.

You CAN absolutely make money blogging!

Need help to get started? We’ll coach you. Contact us and we’ll help you get started making a residual income before you know it.

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